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Carousel Works was the selected restorer of the Historic Nunley's Carousel in Garden City, NY. Their staff took great care of all our carousel needs professionally, on time and within budget. It was a pleasure to work with a company that is responsive and stands behind their product.

With all of these incredible advantages, a vertical industrial storage carousel is the best way to produce maximum storage capacity while simultaneously reducing your business’ storage footprint. The vertical storage carousels efficiently store and retrieve small items and documents without wasting revenue generating floor space with racks or filing cabinets.

Music Box, Jewellery Box & Gift Catalogue Welcome to our exquisite collection of music boxes , jewellery boxes & gifts. Our musical range includes beautiful hand crafted wooden inlaid musical jewellery boxes , Swiss music boxes from Reuge , plus a range of delightful music boxes for children with ballerina jewellery boxes for girls, musical treasure boxes for boys, picture music boxes & musical carousels . For those wishing to make their own music boxes our musical movements are available separately for fitting into your own made boxes. We also offer other luxurious gifts with a stunning range of high quality wood & leather jewellery boxes & unique collectible gifts such as our kaleidoscopes . Whatever occasion you are purchasing for, we are sure one of our music boxes or luxurious gifts will undoubtedly surprise & delight now and for many years to come. Click on each music box to view our entire range Musical Jewellery Boxes Children's Music Boxes Musical Carousels Picture Music Boxes Cylinder Music Boxes Reuge Music Boxes Music Gifts Musical Movements Ballerina Music Boxes Carousels Of Distinction Enchantmints Music Boxes Musical Snow Globes Singing Birds Musical Watches Teánola Music Boxes Wood Carvings Luxury Jewellery Boxes Watch Boxes Kaleidoscopes Mats Jonasson Jewellery Musical Jewellery Boxes
Our collection of exquisite musical jewellery boxes are hand crafted to the highest standard and make perfect special occasion gifts. The wooden boxes are inlaid by hand with beautiful marquetry designs and finished in various European & exotic wood veneers including burr elm, walnut, bubinga, madrona, palisander, maple & others.

Tobin Fraley's American Carousel™ Collection
by Dr. Floyd Moreland - Magical Carousel Shoppe

The original Tobin Fraley American Carousel™ Collection of Porcelain Miniatures was issued by Willitts Designs from 1986 through 1992. There were six editions, preceded by an "Introductory Edition" that came out seriatim each year. We carried all of them in our store and they were spectacular and elegant renditions inspired by the golden age of the carousel. The "Fraley years" also marked the zenith of interest in collecting carousel art in miniature. Subsequent Fraley designs were produced by companies such as the George Zoltan Lefton Company and by Hallmark.

Please click the links below to view each installment of this facinating series:

The Introduction The Tobin Fraley 1987 First Edition Tobin Fraley Carousel Collection - Willitts Designs - 1988 Second Edition The Third Edition (1989) of Tobin Fraley's American Carousel Collection The Fourth Edition (1990) of Tobin Fraley's American Carousel Collection by Willitts Designs 1991 - The Fifth Edition The Tobin Fraley Collection by Willitts Designs 1992 - The Sixth Edition The Tobin Fraley Collection by Willitts Designs Dr. Floyd Moreland operates the Magical Carousel Shoppe AND the beautiful antique Dentzel carousel (also known as the Dr. Floyd Moreland Carousel) at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Visit his online shop at .

Vertical Storage Carousels for Warehouse and Industrial Small Parts Storage, automated storage and retrieval for inventory management and increased throughput.

“Let’s get on with the job of educating the public to the value of the heritage of wooden carousels, both as functioning machines and as art”.

This carousel takes a classic approach: all of the figures are horses, racing alongside four multiperson chariots. You’ll note some signs of wear and tear on some of the wooden figures, but that just adds character to this century-old historic landmark.

“Almost all of the testing I’ve managed has proven content delivered via carousels to be missed by users. Few interact with them.”

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The Carousels - If You Want To / Pretty Little ThingThe Carousels - If You Want To / Pretty Little ThingThe Carousels - If You Want To / Pretty Little ThingThe Carousels - If You Want To / Pretty Little Thing