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Jerome and Patrick are preparing through this EP for a new album that is due to be released around the end of June. I was aware of this since December last, when ROME played live in Brasov. It is no secret that I am one of ROME’s most fierce advocate and the impatience that gravitates around the need of hearing the new album is growing by the day. This particular material is in fact a preview of the new album, but also an introduction into this Dark NeoFolk realm to all those who have never came across ROME before. It is only normal, as ROME went from CMI to Trisol and in order to understand the concept as a whole, they have chosen two of the most representative tracks from the previous albums, "Reversion" and "Wir Gotter ders Stadt", plus the track that gives the title of this MCD and another Dark Ambient one, a pretty strange track, "Mourir A Madrid", that introduces us into the atmosphere of the new album. "To Die Among Strangers" seems to have as a distinct element set within the background a violin, other than that, the rest of the music has the same construction and structure as on "MMM". The old songs enjoy a remix, in the sense that all the effects found in the background have been changed while the voice, guitars and the rhythm are identical. The MCD has been released in only 999 copies and also includes a t-shirt with ROME, for the true collectors.

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Rome - To Die Among StrangersRome - To Die Among StrangersRome - To Die Among StrangersRome - To Die Among Strangers