Luca francesconi - per orchestra (1982-1991) - Luca Francesconi: Passacaglia per grande orchestra (1982.

From 8 to 12 September, the MITO SettembreMusica Festival will dedicate a portrait of four concerts to Luca Francesconi. The program will be made up of a number of the composer’s most representative compositions for orchestra and ensemble.

On 8 September in Turin the Orchestra Sinfonica della Rai, under the direction of Gergely Madaras, will perform Cobalt and Scarlet , the Italian premiere of Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra , with the soloist Nicolas Hodges. Also in Turin, on 10 September the mdi ensemble, conducted by Yoichi Sugiyama, will perform Animus II for viola and electronics and Unexpected End of Formula for cello, ensemble and electronics, with the soloists Paolo Fumagalli and Giorgio Casati.

Two additional concerts will follow on in Milan: on 11 September the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, under the baton of Timothy Redmond, will interpret Memoria II and Trama for saxophone and orchestra with soloist Mario Marzi, while on 12 September the mdi Ensemble will reprise the concert they performed in Turin.

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Luca Francesconi - Per Orchestra (1982-1991)Luca Francesconi - Per Orchestra (1982-1991)Luca Francesconi - Per Orchestra (1982-1991)Luca Francesconi - Per Orchestra (1982-1991)